16 February 2019
Team: Mr Haitham Khalil

Mr Haitham Khalil

Consultant Breast Oncoplasty & Reconstructive Surgeon
Audit and Reconstructive Surgery clinical Lead
Department of Breast Oncoplasty and Reconstructive Surgery

Mr Khalil graduated from Cairo University Medical School in 1995. Shortly after this he started his oncoplastic career in the National Cancer Institute of Cairo University (NCI), one of the most reputable cancer institutes in the Middle East. He spent 8 years at Cairo University where he obtained both a Masters (MSc) and Medial Doctorate (MD) degree. Following these acheivements, Haitham sought international experience in the UK where he spent 3 and a half years in the world famous, internationally recognized unit for breast, plastic and reconstruction at Kings College Hospital and St Thomas' Hospital, London, including 1 year of micro-vascular surgery senior fellowship.

Areas of expertise

- Breast Oncoplasty and Reconstructive Surgery
- Breast aesthetic surgery
- Chest wall and thoracic Reconstruction
- Perineal and Trunk reconstruction

Mr Khalil is currently acting as the Audit and Reconstructive Surgery Clinical service Lead. The unit serves the breast unit which treats around 500-600 cancers annually.

Mr Khalil is specialized in Oncoplasty, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery for breast diseases including cancer and benign conditions which compromise 90% of his work. This includes:

- Performing all types of implant based and autologus tissue transfer procedures (Lattissmus Dorsi, Free DIEP, MSTRAM, SGAP,TMG and pedicled TRAM), Therapeutic mammoplasty, dermal flaps, perforator based pedicled flaps (TAP), Coleman fat transfer'.
- All types of aesthetic breast procedures including Augmentation, Reduction and Mastopexy including symmetrisation procedures.
- 10 per cent of his work is directed to provision of chest wall reconstruction at the supra-regional thoracic centre at Heartlands for thoracic sarcoma, isolated advanced breast cancer patients working closely with the thoracic surgeons as part of a multidisciplinary team. Also providing reconstructive cover for the perineum and lower abdominal defects reconstruction as part of multidisciplinary colorectal surgery team.

Professional Bodies membership

Member of British Association of Surgical Oncology
Member of Association of Breast Surgery
Member and Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of England


Carla Obrien
NHS & Private Secretary telephone number: 0121 424 9590
NHS & Private secretary email address: Carla.Obrien@heartofengland.nhs.uk
Personal email address: haitham.khalil@heartofengland.nhs.uk